Paid Media Advertising Strategies

Paid Media Advertising Strategies for Small and Local Businesses

Paid advertisements help small and local businesses reach to nearby communities and aid in awareness as well as increasing revenue of the business. There are many time tested strategies which can be easily applied by businesses to run paid media campaigns on multiple platforms such as Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram or Quora & Pinterest.

Building presence on all platforms is necessary as more and more transactions are happening online. While organic presence is slow to build up and requires a lot of effort; paid media presence on the other hand is easier to start and scale up. Within a few hours you can have your ads running on multiple channels. You can show your ads to users searching google for you, your competitors or your products and services. You can also show your ads on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to users who have interest in the products and services that you offer.

Below are a few paid media advertising strategies which all small and local businesses should implement. Follow these steps for successfully implementing these strategies and hit the basics right:

  1. Find out the goal of your business and ads – awareness, engagement, shopping or customer advocacy
  2. Build content around your business, products and services – keywords, ad copies, graphics, website and social media pages
  3. Choose the right advertising channels (more details later in the article)
  4. Create a wonderful user experience using focused targeting settings

The Goal:

What is the current phase of your business? What is the goal of advertisements?

  • For a new business, creating awareness is a major goal. Letting people around your business know about your presence. Showing discounts and offers to users interest in your products or services or who engage with your business.
  • For a growing business – Engaging more people and creating a buzz around your business becomes the new goal. Enter, social media. Engaging content posted regularly and shown to interest based audiences on social channels is one of the primary strategies that you need to adopt for your paid media ads.
  • For an established business – Your customers know you. It is time for you to nurture them for their next purchase. Understand their buying cycles to find out the best time to reach them via ads. Use customer advocacy to make them your ambassadors.


Content is king, Period!

  • Your content on social media should revolve around product features, differentiation on the basis of technology, pricing or logistics.
  • Your content on Google Search Ads should be to the point. Answer the basic question – Why buy from you?
  • Your website content should be educational while creating an aura of authenticity & trust followed by the ease of doing business with you. Carefully craft your content and UI to guide users through each step of the purchase cycle.

Advertising Channels:

There are multiple channels which you can advertise your business on but carefully choosing these channels depending on your business goals is the key to success.

Let’s look at the strengths of some of the major advertising channels.

  • Google Search Ads – Conversion/Shopping. Make it easy for your customers to find your product when they have a high intent of buying it. Or show your business/product when the customer is searching for your competitor.
  • Google Display and YouTube – Show ads to the users based on their interests and what they are currently reading. These channels help you show your ads in between relevant content thus helping you capture the interest of the user when he or she is already researching about the products or services that you deal in.
  • Social Media – Engage with users who are interested in and regularly follow your competitors or the products that you sell. Also, reach out to the friends of your followers or remarket to the users who were recently on your website.
  • Quora or Reddit – These are the channels which are highly topic or content based. Users search for specific reviews or queries on these channels while trying to research about the product they are planning to buy. Use the opportunity wisely.

There are many more channels that every business can target their ads on. But let’s leave that to experts. Most agencies can help you run multi-channel campaigns, track your purchases and monitor your returns. 

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Audience Targeting

Small businesses can target domestic audiences limited to state or national geographies on all channels while local businesses can go as niche as 1 km radius around their business to create awareness and then capture the interest of people looking for their services.

Multiple campaign and content themes can be used on these channels – some of these can be current trends, seasonal offers, flash sales, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), LTO (Limited Time Offers), Nearby (Just 5 mins away).

You should create content themes around your USPs and differentiating factors to let people know why they should choose you. To affirm their decisions, showcase your customer reviews and testimonials.

Professional advertising agencies can help you create beautiful and captivating content to showcase on all channels. Each channel is suited to a unique kind of content and tone. 

Mindless ( creates unique & engaging content suited for small and local business to build presence on all channels while helping businesses earn higher returns on every buck invested in marketing.

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