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Digital Marketing & Hyper-Local in Restaurant Industry

Implementation of technology and digital marketing is becoming increasingly important in the restaurant industry. Implement these Digital Marketing, SEO, Hyperlocal, Paid Media, Social Media to grow online sales of restaurants.

This industry is unique in its own way. It has limitations to the geographical area that it can serve making it hyper local, it is time bound with 2 peaks of traffic and orders every day, for delivery and take out, quick service is a major factor for customer satisfaction, and finally, it is highly operations and logistics dependent.

Over the past few years, the restaurant industry has gone through an overhaul and major changes in how customers reach the restaurants and how they are serviced. Multiple aggregators platforms and logistics providers have mushroomed in the market. The likes of Zomato, ChowNow, Swiggy have become the newest channels for end businesses – the actual restaurants, thus making the identities or brand of the restaurants less significant.

On the other hand, even dining experience has changed with players like OpenTable, Resi and more coming into the picture and allowing for transition from phone call/offline model to online pre-booking of dining facilities in top restaurants. All these changes point to the same thing – the movement towards digitalisation of the industry.

The restaurateurs themselves now need to keep up with the trends and build their digital presence. They also need to ensure that they do not give hefty commissions to these aggregators for their loyal customers. Thus, they need a means to help their loyal and repeat customers order directly from business/restaurant owned platforms.

Here comes to the rescue the digital presence of these restaurants – Branded website, App or PWA.

To support the website or app, the restaurant needs to authenticate their physical presence by being present on GMB listings and other directories clubbed with social media presence on Facebook, Instagram and more.

Part of this digital presence is also to be present on the aggregator platforms as it gives a chance to bring more revenue for the restaurants while they build their own identity and brand in the market.

So what are the key strategies for the restaurant to build its identity and presence?

  • Restaurants serve local markets usually up to 5 kms from their physical location – so hyperlocal SEO is of extreme importance.
  • They need to fight the competition from aggregators – thus website with integrated menu for ordering, discount offers, logistics services and CRM integration is required
  • Social Media presence, requesting customers to check-in to social media, tag the restaurant and also incentivising reviews
  • Local food influencer collaborations to reach more people interested in food
geo-targeting and content strategy for restaurants

In short, a restaurant is a local business that needs hyperlocal digital presence and marketing strategy.

Let’s drill down a bit deeper into how we can achieve hyperlocal presence on different digital channels:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & HyperLocal Presence
    • Local (location) KWs, “near me” and “near by” keywords in the website content
    • Local Information in Meta tags and Schema along with service area details – neighborhoods, suburbs, zipcodes, and city
    • Google My Business listing, Apple Maps, Bing Listing and other directory listings
    • Maps API integration on website
    • Aggregator listings
  1. Social Media
    • Local hashtags
    • Local content
    • Local checkins and tags
    • Local collaborations
  1. Paid Ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms
    • Local Ads on Google Search linked to GMB listings
    • Google Search – generic cuisines based keyword targeting and competitor targeting
    • Geo targeting on platforms may be restricted to 5 kms with bid adjustments at various radius or neighborhood levels
    • Limited time offers
  1. Customer Life Cycle
    • Our research shows that there are ordering cycles for cohorts of customers which range between 1 and 3 weeks
    • Rewarding loyalty – your every fifth meal is on us or incremental discounts on multiple orders
Google Ads keyword trageting strategy for restaurants

Beyond these simple strategies, the main factor behind the growth or brand building for any restaurant is the taste of food and customer services. Make sure that you have great ambience, pleasing service and quick delivery. Consistency in the taste of food is extremely important for customers to become repeat clients.

While marketing can get you awareness, your service and food quality will be the deciding factors in scaling your restaurant’s business. So, a restaurant owner should focus on the food and leave everything else to experts. has expertise in building digital and local presence of businesses. Our team has worked with over 350 restaurant clients and built their online business, scaling some of them by 500% in one year. We provide beautiful and efficient websites for online ordering, takeout and reservations. We take care of their social media presence of our restaurant clients and also create their hyperlocal awareness using advertisement channels.

Want to grow your online sales? Feel free to reach us on for all the digital requirements of your business.

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