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Digital Marketing Strategies for Hotel Industry

Digital Marketing, SEO, Paid Media & Social Media Strategies for Hotels. Technologies that hotels can use to increase online sales. Analysis of current trends in hotel, travel and tourism industries.

Global travel has changed due to the ongoing pandemic! Restrictions by governments all over the world have changed the behaviors of travellers. Most people and families have not been on a vacation for over a year which has created a huge pent up demand in the market. People are eager to go out and enjoy their lives once again. These micro trends have been observed in places where restrictions have been lifted or relaxed.

What is the future for travel and hospitality industry? How is user behavior changing? And how can hotels evolve their digital strategies to tap into this pent up demand in local and domestic markets?

We all know that travel and hospitality have been one of the most impacted industries owing to the current scenario across the globe. Restrictions on travel, local, domestic and international, have put the sustenance of most hotels in jeopardy. Global travel was its lowest during Q2 2020 with most states imposing severe restrictions due to the rising number of Covid19 cases. For months people were and are still restricted from going out in groups or travelling to many top travel destinations.

Let’s see how user behavior has changed and what’s affecting their decisions to travel and go on vacations:

  • Current data trends show that hospitality demand has been localized. People are willing to travel but the means of transport have changed significantly. Driving to vacation destinations is the in thing. This in turn has made travel or rather tourism more local. People usually travel up to 6 to 8 hours to the nearest vacation destination.
  • Second major trend observed in the hospitality industry is impromptu travel. Planning a vacation used to be days of planning, prior bookings to make the most of early bird benefits and researching local tourist spots near the destination of vacation. Now, people book for upcoming weekends making sure that there is complete certainty around travel rules and restrictions during their travel dates.
  • Finally, there is the change in tourist behavior in terms of travel duration. The industry has been split into very short weekend stays for people impatient for a change in their daily routine at home vs long staycations opted by people with enough financial liquidity to go on work from remote location for a month or so.

Based on these key observations, Mindless ( has come up with ingenious strategies for hotels to capture the current demand and also the upcoming pent up demand in the market. These strategies are omni-channel organic as well as paid promotion strategies covering all major channels – Google, Social, TripAdvisor and more…

We provide ideas for offers and discounts which ensure highest conversion rates on hotel websites while not allowing OTA’s to benefit from your brand’s search volume on google and other search engines. Finally, our strategy also focuses on automation of paid campaigns and analytics reports to help hotel managers understand their customers better – where is the demand coming from and curate content so that our hotel partners rank on top in local searches on search engines.

Here are some of the ideas and changes which hotel managers can implement in their marketing strategy to ensure they get a big piece of the upcoming demand in hotel, travel and tourism market:

  • SEO & Local Strategy
    • GMB, Maps, Bing and Apple Listings with national service areas
    • Ensure high ratings and loads of reviews
    • Target nearby and activities related keywords
  • Content Strategy and Offers
    • Landing Pages for brand, city & nearby, room types, activities and offers
    • Price comparisons, best price and booking guarantees
  • Paid Search Strategy
    • Brand search, competitor keywords and generic (nearby and city keywords)
    • “Near me” keywords are the latest trend
  • Paid Social Media & Display/Native Ads Strategy
    • Use travel audience available on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram
    • Go big on remarketing on social media
  • Influencer Strategy
    • Build awareness & get reviewed by influencers on Youtube and Instagram
    • Paid collaborations with travel related pages and blogs for awareness
  • Geo Targeting
    • Focus on feeder cities based on data from Google Analytics
    • 100 mile radius targeting is now increasingly important in post Covid world

Seamlessly implement these bulletproof digital strategies at low cost with Mindless – Experts at everything digital. has expertise in building digital and local presence of businesses. Our team members have worked with over 100 hotels and built their online business, scaling some of them by 200% in one year. We provide beautiful and efficient websites for reservations and bookings. We take care of their social media presence of our hotel clients and also create their awareness using advertisement channels.

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